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Huzaima Bukhari: (Chief Partner)

Advocate High Court

Huzaima Bukhari, Advocate High Court, Editor ‘Taxation’ and adjunct faculty Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), is partner at Huzaima & Ikram., With 30 years’ experience of local and international tax, she develops innovative tax structures for companies engaged in cross-border e-business.

Dr. Ikramul Haq: (Managing Partner)

Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

Dr. Ikramul Haq, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, is based in Pakistan, where he is the chief partner of Huzaima & Ikram, Pakistan’s leading law firm specializing in taxation, constitution and corporate laws. With 30 years’ experience of local and international tax

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Our Wide Range of Clients

1. The World Bank

2. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.
3. Habib Bank Ltd.
4. Allied Bank Ltd.
5. The Bank of Punjab
6. ABN Amro Bank Limited
7. Soneri Bank Limited
8. Metropolitan Bank Limited
9. Bank Al-Habib
10. Union Bank Ltd.
11. Mybank Ltd.
12. PICIC Commercial Bank Ltd.
13. SME Bank
14. Investment Banks Association
15. Trust Leasing Corporation of Pakistan
16. Fidelity Investment Bank Ltd.
17. First International Investment Bank Ltd.
18. Atlas Investment Bank Ltd.
19. Crescent Standard Investment Bank 
20. Muslim Insurance Company
21. Punjab Co-operative Bank
22. Trust Investment Bank
23. Al-Taufeeq Investment Bank Ltd.




1. Global Beverage Co. Ltd., Bangladesh
2. Al-Ghurair Foods, Dubai
3. 7-Up Bottling Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. 
4. Shezan International Limited
5. Rafhan Best Food
6. Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd.
7. Sunrise Bottlers (Pvt.) Ltd.


1. Impregilo Edilizia Spa, Italy.
2. Jucon International Gmbh, Germany
3. En Zublin, Germany
4. Ghazi Brotha Contractors
5. Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
6. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

1. Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan
2. Toyotsu S.K. Co. Ltd., Japan
3. Al Ghurair Corporation LLC, Dubai
4. Mindtrac(s) Pte Ltd., Singapore
5. Emtrac Tyre & Rubber Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
6. Ocean Containers Limited, Bangladesh
7. Dawood Group of Industries
8. Lahore Tek (Pvt.) Limited 
9. Wire Product (Pvt.) Ltd. 
10. Lahore Cables (Pvt.) Limited
11. BGP Pakistan International
12. Koh-i-Noor Industries
13. Wahid Industries
14. Lahore Grammar School
15. State Cement Corporation 
16. Honda Citrus Field (Pvt.) Ltd.
17. Unilever, Pakistan Ltd.
18. Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Ltd.
19. Mediplas Innovation (Pvt.) Ltd
20. Mineral Velly (Pvt.) Ltd. 
21. Volvo Pakistan Ltd.
22. Equionox Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.
23. Maersk (Pakistan) Ltd.
24. Ranjha Enterprises

1. Techlogix Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
2. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

1. Parke-Davis & Company Limited
2. Pfizer Laboratories Limited
3. Schering Asia GMbH (Pakistan Branch)
4. Olympia Chemicals
5. Ittehad Chemicals
6. Vetmed

1. AES Lalpir Power Company
2. AGEN Pak Limited 
3. Hubco Company Limited
4. Koh-i-Noor Energy Limited
5. Trans Asia Gas International, LLC

1. Ellcot Spinning Mills Ltd.
2. Prosperity Weaving Mills Ltd.
3. Rupali Polyester
4. Rupafab Limited
5. Rupafil Limited
6. Olympia Blended Fiber Mills Ltd.

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